Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PROTEST BANK OF AMERICA Copley Sq. Boston 4/29 5 - 6 pm

Why we are here at Bank of America Protesting!


·        Workers didn’t cause this economic crisis—but we sure are paying the price. We’re getting foreclosed on, laid off, and the CEO’s are making millions.

·        Taxpayers have had enough, bank workers have had enough, and its time to make some real changes if we are going to create an economy that works for everyone again.

·        B of A takes our taxpayer money and pays themselves bonuses. And still have the nerve to fight the rest of us getting a fair share by fighting Employee Free Choice Act, credit card protections, and foreclosure victim protection. Reforms that would help our economy.

·        Bank of America took $45 billion in taxpayer bailouts which makes us the largest shareholders. Then, after taking our money, they announced plans to lay off 35,000 workers ¾ but still paid $5.2 billion in corporate bonuses.

·        B of A CEO Ken Lewis took home close to $35 million over the last 2 years. But the average bank teller makes $22,000 a year, barely above the poverty line. That is just plain wrong. 

·        Ken Lewis and other CEOs like things the way they are. They get rich at our expense. And they don’t want that to stop. That’s why they’re fighting Employee Free Choice Act that would help put money in working people’s pockets. Today, I’m here to say that business as usual is over for big bad banks.  

·        Bank of America made millions off of risky loan and deceptive practices, and as a result is one of the largest holder of foreclosed properties and is responsible for evicting thousands of people across our state.


What we want:


·        We need Congress to act now to hold banks & these CEO’s accountable. Banks can’t be allowed to use our tax dollars to fight against:

  • The Employee Free Choice Act that will give workers a voice on the job and better wages and benefits.
  • We want an end to foreclosures and evictions
  • Real banking reform that will stop banks from doing the things that got us into this mess in the first place and make sure they can’t rip us off with high interest rates and forcing their employees to sell us products we don’t need.
    Access to quality & affordable health care for every single person living in this country.

·        Workers in America need an economy that works for everyone.  Not more of the same.


Steve Meacham 4.29.09



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