Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eviction Blockades

Dear friends,
    City Life maintains a list of families in foreclosed buildings who we will defend, if necessary, by eviction blockades.  Several families are on our eviction blockade list at this time.  We hope that a blockade won't be necessary.
    One good reason there have been no recent blockades is that the Banks are backing down in the face of pressure.  Two weeks ago we began to organize a blockade for Mr. Freeman.  This gentleman has lived all his life in his home in Grove Hall.  He takes care of his disabled uncle and mom and his 3-year old daughter.  He started a juice bar for area teens to visit, a safe place to go without alcohol or drugs.  Faced with the possibility of an eviction blockade, Wells Fargo backed off.  There are negotiations now to enable Mr. Freeman to repurchase his home at its real value (half loan value).
    Three times (out of 15 organized blockades), the banks have succeeded in evicting our members.  But even those evictions have turned into movement victories for us.  Paula Taylor's eviction on September 5, 2008, has helped launch a growing movement against Bank of America.  On March 22, Paula Taylor was a featured interview on Dateline NBC exposing bank practices.

Contact us at City Life if you would like to be on the Eviction Blockade email list.

Steve Meacham

City Life/Vida Urbana Director of Tenant Organizing

[submitted by Stewart L.]

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  1. How can I get an eviction blockage. I have a lawer who is trying to get the bank to void the foreclose since they foreclosed while I was in the middle of a trial period plan.