Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bank of America Protests

On a cold windy February 14, Valentine's Day, over 50 people protested outside Bank of America in the Fields Corner section of Dorchester, MA. They were encouraging those with accounts to participate in the National Day of Account Closures at Bank of America! While some banks have stopped evicting tenants of foreclosed properties, BoA continues this practice, displacing families, disrupting school attendance, blighting communities. BoA has refused to accept fair market rent or to negotiate resale at appraised market value. US tax payers now own a significant portion of should serve the interest of our communities!

Purim, Progressives and City Life

On March 21 young radical Jewish friends from Workmen's Circle, Kavod House, and the community threw City Life a Radical Purim Party sponsored by Workmen's Circle, and held at SEIU Local 615 Union Hall. Progressive Jews reclaim Purim as a celebration of speaking truth to power in all its forms and the theme of housing justice, specifically the issue of foreclosures and evictions, was woven into the traditional staged Purim spiel performed that night. About 200 supporters celebrated and it was fantastic to see youth so committed to a vision of justice. Proceeds from the party will support City Life's Campaign to Halt Post-Foreclosure Evictions!


The members and friends of City Life/Vida Urbana embrace a vision of a world where there is:
• peace among nations and peoples
• respect for our cultural, racial and sexual diversity
• cooperation rather than competition
• no extremes of wealth or poverty
• respect for nature and the condition of the environment for ourselves and future generations
• production that serves the needs of the many rather than the greed of the few
• a guarantee that each person has the right to food, housing, health care, education, meaningful employment, and the right to exist in freedom without fear of displacement or deportation.
We understand that these changes will not happen spontaneously. We hope to be part of a city, state, national, and international movement that believes in a similar vision and is prepared to build the organizations and leadership that it will take to create this new world.