Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vigil to defend the Henry family-- from Steve Meacham

Monday, Dec. 13, 6:30 pm

24 Upton St., Cambridge (near Central Sq.)

(runs between Magazine and Pleasant Sts. , about 6 blocks from Central Sq. toward Charles River)

This property has been with the Henry family for over 50 years! It is currently occupied by Nancy Henry (the mom – 76 years old) and Bobby (her son).

Nancy was having trouble paying her mortgage and was scammed by someone offering “help.” That “help” turned out to be taking over her home at a very low price. Her home was then “flipped” to a straw owner for a much larger amount of money. That owner was a straw because the mortgage from the start was more than her gross income. The Henry family became a tenant in the home they formerly owned.

The straw owner went into foreclosure almost immediately. Provident Bank took back the property and began eviction proceedings against the Henry family. The straw owner/buyer denies any knowledge of the transaction and is willing to sign an affidavit to that effect. Why didn’t Provident stop this sale?

In July of this year, they signed an agreement for judgment to move out Dec. 1, 2010, because the District Ct. judge said they would be thrown out more quickly if they didn’t. This was despite the fact that they were days away from a new law passing that would have made it impossible for Provident Bank to evict them, since they were tenants.

At this vigil we will demand that Provident stop the eviction while any one of several solutions are explored.

* Purchase by a Cambridge non-profit as an affordable home ownership homeor rental.
* Acceptance of reasonable rent from the family. Freddie Mac, the government controlled bank, is involved in the property. It is their announced policy to take rent, not evict. Why not here?
* Overturning the original scam sale and thus the foreclosure also.

Other cases
St. Simon: We did a vigil for the St. Simon families in Hyde Park Nov. 26. Because of the vigil Aurora Bank changed course and indicted they would negotiate around offer to buy that would stop the eviction of the families. Those negotiations are difficult and we are alert to the possibility of an eviction blockade this week.
Barzola: We did a vigl for the Barzola family Oct. 13 in Randolph. Fannie stopped the viction for a while to consider taking her rent. There has been no resolution and the deadline is Dec. 15. We are alert to the possibility of an eviction blockade next week.

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